Love Unknown

Love Unknown

“Gregory-Smith's gorgeous violin improvisations were consistently emotive and executed with tremendous skill.” - Cross Rhythms

My inspiration for this album came from the words to the hymn “My Song is Love Unknown“ and the process began by composing a new setting of the words, which formed the basis for the first track and the last two. Taking the theme that Jesus Christ is Love, I have created tracks which sought to highlight different aspects or characteristics of that love.

All the tracks conform to a similar pattern of simple melodies which then developed in series of variations, which rather than strictly composed, were created spontaneously in the recording process. It is my hope and prayer that the music will enable listeners to relax, focus and meditate upon Christ, and in so doing allow a sense of God’s love for us to strengthen within their hearts.

To read some of the texts that inspired this album and a poem written to accompany it, see the texts page.

Liz Gregory-Smith has prepared a series of group meditations to accompany the album. Read the suggestions on how to use the material, then click on the link by each track to get the relevant meditation (Adobe PDF format); or download the complete meditation pack.

2.Love healingmeditation
3.Love grievingmeditation
4.Love guidingmeditation
5.Hosanna crymeditation
6.Love servingmeditation
7.Love comfortingmeditation
8.Love obedientmeditation
9.Love sufferingmeditation
10.Love unknownmeditation